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Interior Design: The 1st Step In Mastering the Visionary Mindset

How to think like an “Interior Designer”   At Bo Interior Design, our design philosophy is all about designing a space around functionality and aesthetic. Interior design is not a one size fit all solution. It is more important to find your inner style than follow interior design trends. Your uniqueness creates your sanctuary and individuality. […]

Commercial Interiors Design In The Beauty Industry

Embarking on a new journey into the beauty industry, in commercial interiors design “Commercial interiors design in the Beauty Industry. Passion Meets Purpose: Empowering Local Businesses through Unique Commercial Design” Recently, I had the incredible opportunity to venture beyond my comfort zone by taking on a captivating commercial project. This venture led me to work  […]

Barbie Ignites Furniture Trends

Let’s go Barbie Presenting a selection of trending furniture and decor pieces that evoke the enchanting world of Barbie: As I sat down to watch the Barbie Movie with my 10-year-old daughter, I couldn’t help but be drawn into the world of vibrant hues that danced across the screen. The sheer joy and exuberance that […]

Community Involvement with Bo Toun

AACA Gala 2023 Empowering oneself and others through community involvement.  In 2023, I had the distinct honor of receiving an invitation to participate in the prestigious 2023 AACA Gala. Being part of the AACA community was an incredibly rewarding experience, one that has left a lasting impression on me. The AACA, which stands for the […]