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Interior Design: The 1st Step In Mastering the Visionary Mindset

How to think like an “Interior Designer”

  At Bo Interior Design, our design philosophy is all about designing a space around functionality and aesthetic. Interior design is not a one size fit all solution. It is more important to find your inner style than follow interior design trends. Your uniqueness creates your sanctuary and individuality.


Interior design floor plans, interior floor plans, furniture layout, existing floor plan, art and accessories floor plansInterior design floor plans, interior floor plans, furniture layout, existing floor plan, art and accessories floor plans

Optimizing your interior design starts with effective space planning. 

Start by measuring your existing space, and pieces you would like to keep. The arrangement and organization of furniture and other elements within a space will enhance functionality and flow. Space planning a head of time helps with finding the right furniture style and scale. This will save you money and headaches in the long run. keep in mind that most custom orders are non-refundable.

Our services utilize a combination of hand-drawn and computer software-generated plans, and if needed, we can also provide 3D mock-ups, perspective drawings, or elevation plans for a comprehensive understanding of the design.

Material Finishes & Mood Board.

To convey the inspiration and atmosphere of the space, we present material or mood boards. These boards incorporate fabrics, colors, materials, finishes and images, giving you a tangible representation of the envisioned design. By exploring different combinations, we ensure that the materials and textures align with your desired aesthetic. We explore a wide range of materials, including wood, tile, fabric, and more. Each material brings its own unique characteristics, textures, and visual appeal to the space. By carefully selecting and combining these materials, we create depth and interest in the design, enhancing its overall aesthetic. Other decorative pieces such as art and accessories will only add more color and texture to the design. 

The Power of Color

Color Theory: The study of how colors interact and the psychological effects of different color choices.

What is a color palette?  The range of colors chosen for a design, including primary, secondary, and accent colors. Color plays a vital role in setting the mood and ambiance of a space. We encourage the use of color to create impact and visual interest. 

Colors are not limited to just walls; they can be introduced through furniture, artwork, vases, rugs, curtains, plants, and more. Along with prints, colors work together to evoke specific emotions. Warm tones create a cozy atmosphere, while cool colors contribute to a light and airy feel.

Mother nature is not shy when it comes to playing with colors, neither should we! Get  inspired by nature’s vibrant palette. and embrace the bold and playful use of colors.

Many overlook the significance of how light lumens impact the overall ambiance of a space. 

Remember to incorporate lighting strategically in your interior design! It’s the key to enhancing both the atmosphere and functionality of a space. The hues emitted by the lighting can completely transform the feel of the room, from creating an airy and bright ambiance to setting a mood that’s romantic or even a bit eerie.

The placement of the lighting is just as crucial, acting like the perfect piece of jewelry to complete an outfit. A light fixture not only serves a practical purpose but also adds to the aesthetics of the space. There are various types of light fixtures, each with its own role: ambient, task, accent, and decorative lighting.

Understanding Lumen and Kelvin: More information from LED Lighting Whole Sale Inc. 

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In the vast world of interior design, there’s a wide array of styles and trends to explore. Some popular ones include Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, Transitional, Glam, Eclectic, Funky, Shabby Chic, Bohemian, Asian Inspired, Rustic, Industrial, Organic, Minimalism, Sustainable Design, and many more. The possibilities are endless, and everyone has their unique personal style. Our mission is to discover these styles and help implement them in the best possible way to create a space that truly reflects you.