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Interior Design
That Puts You First

We offer a range of services tailored to meet the specific needs of residential and commercial clients, available either in-house or virtually. Click the link below to learn more.


Bo is a highly versatile interior designer with a diverse portfolio encompassing a multitude of design works.


Interior Designer

Get the Design You Want Without the Stress

At our firm, our dedication lies in assisting you in crafting a visually stunning and highly functional interior space, all while adhering to your specified budget, accommodating your lifestyle, and discovering your unique personal style. We firmly believe that interior design is a bespoke experience, tailored to each individual’s preferences and requirements.

Our ultimate goal is to collaborate with you in establishing a space that truly embodies your personality and values, allowing you to take pride in calling it your own.

We Service


Residential services encompass a diverse range of properties, accommodating homes owned by individuals, rental properties, vacation homes, as well as multi-unit buildings and complexes.


Commercial services cater to a diverse array of businesses, including small local business owners, offices, boutiques, establishments in the food industry, beauty salons, and dental offices, among others.

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What Our Customers Says About Us !

It was a pleasure working with Bo! She carefully listened to our needs and requirements for our renovation and got us thing over one weekend! I definitely would recommend working with her again! Thank you Bo!!!

Jacky L. Yelp

Great to work with. She worked well with my team in multiple commercial and residential project. Clients rave about her designs.

RB Group Thumbtack

Bo is great designer. Last year she remodeled my salon Beauty Spa in Cambridge. She did a fantastic job using all the colors and furniture I liked. I love her work and she is dedicated to my time finishing her project on time. We already have plans for her expertise in the near future.

Trinity L. Yelp

I have a lot of projects and she did all those, she did my salon, and working on the fourth one, she did pretty much everything and she did also my vacation house.

Thuy L. Home Advisor