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Real Estate Photography

Our real estate photography service offers the option of High Dynamic Range (HDR) digital downloads to elevate the visual quality of your property images. HDR photography enables us to capture a wider range of lighting conditions, resulting in stunning and balanced images that showcase your property in its best light. Here’s what our HDR digital download service includes:

With HDR photography, we merge multiple exposures of the same scene to capture a wide range of light and shadow details. This technique produces images that are rich in color, contrast, and clarity, ensuring that every corner of your property is well-lit and visually appealing.

HDR photography creates images that closely resemble what the human eye sees. The balanced lighting and enhanced details result in photographs that appear vibrant and true-to-life. This allows potential buyers to visualize the property accurately and make informed decisions.

We provide the option for digital downloads, allowing you to receive the HDR images quickly and conveniently. Once the photographs are professionally edited and optimized, we provide you with a secure link or a downloadable file that grants you immediate access to the high-quality images.

The HDR digital download images can be easily integrated into various marketing materials, such as online listings, brochures, websites, and social media platforms. This versatility ensures that you can effectively showcase your property to potential buyers across different channels.

  • Less than 1000 sq.ft $240
  • 1000-2000 sq.ft $275
  • 2000-3000 sq.ft $325
  • 3000-4000 sq.ft $375
  • 4000-5000 sq.ft $425
  • Less than 1000 sq.ft $250 
  • 1000-2000 sq.ft $300 
  • 2000-3000 sq.ft $350 
  • 3000-4000 sq.ft $400 
  • 4000-5000 sq.ft $450
  • Qty: 5-25 $150 or $6 each 
  • Qty: 25-50 $200 or $4 each
  • Qty: 50-100 $250 or $2.5 each

(Free photo editing service for first time client, up to 20)

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Bo was a delight to work with and I was thrilled with the photos she took. I highly recommend her for all your photography needs. The quality and creativity of her work is impressive. Thank you Bo, so grateful for the beautiful pics of my historic summer cottage.

Patrick F.

Bo was excellent to work with. She is very punctual, professional, and very detailed. I will definitely be working with her again soon.

Lasheda W.

Highly recommend Bo for any of your photography needs, especially real estate photographer. She is incredibly professional, punctual, a joy to work with - delivered quality photos within hours of the shoot. Don’t hesitate to hire Bo!

Susan A

Bo was able to take some great shots for our Interior Lighting project. She was ready to go an extra mile to get some extra shots for me later even though she had a family emergency. Will definitely recommend her.

Yash R.

Bo is a very talented professional! She was punctual and captured my property exactly how I wanted it to be portrayed. She communicated her timeline so that there was not a worry in my mind. If you have the chance, work with Bo!

Jessica D.