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The Process

Different types of service for residential and commercial:
Interior Architectural

Interior Architectural is recommended for projects that requires structural, electrical and plumbing changes from the existing layout. This service offer a detail floor and elevation that is stamped and used for construction permit. 3D mock up is suggested for larger scale design and commercial spaces.

Interior Design plan

Interior Design plan is recommended for smaller structural changes while keeping the existing electrical and plumbing. Esthetic changes to everything that is attached to the house permanently. Examples: wall covering, paint, hardware, trims like baseboard, fixtures, lighting, tiles, flooring, etc. This service offer a floor, elevation plan, 3D mock up, material samples and design board.

Interior decorations

Interior decorations is the design of the space with items that are not or semi-attached such as furniture, art, accessories, soft good, area rugs, floor or table lamps, etc. This service offers a furniture, art and accessories layout plan, 3D mock up, material and design board.

What we provide

Guidance: Budget planning, construction planning, product allocation, procurement and purchases, furniture, art and accessories placements

Visual Tools: Floor plans, elevation plans, 3D mock-up, Design boards

Material samples: paint, wallcovering, tiles, flooring, trims, hardware, commercial substrate, etc..